September 7, 2012

Hello. Helloooooo. Is there anybody out there to read my gibberish?

Well, I’ve promised myself I’d be more social, more open and more sharing and seems it’s high time to do what I promised.

To start with, I have some new projects on my ironing board and my sewing machine; met some wonderful women with whom I can talk patchwork all day long on my trip to Plovdiv; met Kathryn, a fellow quilter and JMC professor from the States; had been appointed as a member to the Board of the Bulgarian Patchwork Society; stayed at home for a month thanks to my bad back; and adopted a kitten.

I will post some random pictures here to make this post more human. And all of you are welcome to comment.


Meet Theo. He was a feral kitten from someone’s garage, now he’s ours – mine and Bagira’s who guards him from the cruel world, good ole Lab;) 

Rainbow Stacked Coins Quilt
Rainbow Stacked Coins Quilt, almost ready



And that’s cookin’ on my sewing machine right now – which one you like more, this one or the one below?


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