Hot chocolate, thunders and birds

September 16, 2012

Finally, after more than 2 months of drought the weather has changed to better. It rains for two consequent days already.  My soul sings. It was dry for too long, and hot for too long, and the summer seemed endless. Obviously, I don’t like summers and hot weather in general. What I love, though, are clouds, rain, and wind. Drich weather is what I love, Scottish one.

Anyway, the rain had confused the swallows a lot and now they are frantically gathering on wires and walls to discuss their exodus to Egypt. Poor wee souls.



The facade of the building across the street is not that pretty, I wish the people there did something about it.

Theo, the kitten, has chosen a place to sleep when I work on the computer – on my desk, putting his head on the keyboard. Funny little rascal. Still a bit reluctant to join the dogs on the couch although he tried once or twice. He found a way to jump on the shelf above my bed and scared that a cat may land on my hear while sleeping  I had to evict all animals from the bedroom last night around 4 a.m. Kaya cast a glance that could cut a 4mm tin to me, Bagira was quicker and not that vitriolic. I must teach them to sleep in the living room again – it will be better for the cold season.



The grey skies and the rain brought back a forgotten habit – the hot chocolate! I make it with skimmed milk and dark chocolate pellets warmed well in the microwave. Yum! Have a nice Sunday afternoon all and Shana Tova Umetuka (Happy New Jewish Year)!



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