Hello World,

It is my pleasure to greet  all of you here.

I had chosen the name of the Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) for this blog – a plant that (just like me) changes color according to its mood. Sometimes I am bright green, sometimes I am deep brown – just look into my eyes, you’ll find the answer.

Briefly about myself – eclectic taste for books and music, I have passion for dogs (have two) and crafts (I make jewelry and recently found the glass painting).  Proud mother and future patient of Lena (psychology student and McDonald’s slave). University Admissions Counselor, free-lance translator, jack-of-all-trades. Favorite housework – stripping wallpapers;)

All my life I felt an unexplainable interest in the Celtic culture, lately I had found the reason:)

And that is me.




Note: Since I’ve put this together some facts had changed – I changed my work and now I am Office Manager at Facilities, and added patchwork and quilting to my passions since I’ve lost my beloved Scottish husband. The rest is the same. Oh, I am had became a granny:)))


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