Finally, after more than 2 months of drought the weather has changed to better. It rains for two consequent days already.  My soul sings. It was dry for too long, and hot for too long, and the summer seemed endless. Obviously, I don’t like summers and hot weather in general. What I love, though, are clouds, rain, and wind. Drich weather is what I love, Scottish one.

Anyway, the rain had confused the swallows a lot and now they are frantically gathering on wires and walls to discuss their exodus to Egypt. Poor wee souls.



The facade of the building across the street is not that pretty, I wish the people there did something about it.

Theo, the kitten, has chosen a place to sleep when I work on the computer – on my desk, putting his head on the keyboard. Funny little rascal. Still a bit reluctant to join the dogs on the couch although he tried once or twice. He found a way to jump on the shelf above my bed and scared that a cat may land on my hear while sleeping  I had to evict all animals from the bedroom last night around 4 a.m. Kaya cast a glance that could cut a 4mm tin to me, Bagira was quicker and not that vitriolic. I must teach them to sleep in the living room again – it will be better for the cold season.



The grey skies and the rain brought back a forgotten habit – the hot chocolate! I make it with skimmed milk and dark chocolate pellets warmed well in the microwave. Yum! Have a nice Sunday afternoon all and Shana Tova Umetuka (Happy New Jewish Year)!



September 7, 2012

Hello. Helloooooo. Is there anybody out there to read my gibberish?

Well, I’ve promised myself I’d be more social, more open and more sharing and seems it’s high time to do what I promised.

To start with, I have some new projects on my ironing board and my sewing machine; met some wonderful women with whom I can talk patchwork all day long on my trip to Plovdiv; met Kathryn, a fellow quilter and JMC professor from the States; had been appointed as a member to the Board of the Bulgarian Patchwork Society; stayed at home for a month thanks to my bad back; and adopted a kitten.

I will post some random pictures here to make this post more human. And all of you are welcome to comment.


Meet Theo. He was a feral kitten from someone’s garage, now he’s ours – mine and Bagira’s who guards him from the cruel world, good ole Lab;) 

Rainbow Stacked Coins Quilt
Rainbow Stacked Coins Quilt, almost ready



And that’s cookin’ on my sewing machine right now – which one you like more, this one or the one below?


April 21, 2012


My life.

I’m back

April 20, 2012

Took me a while to come back and start writing again. My life had changed and I had to start building it again.

Last time I wrote I was going to be a bride. Well, I was. And I had my happiest 7 months of marriage.

Lost my husband two years ago. Will feel robbed till the end of my life.

One good thing is my grandson. Two years old bundle of happiness.

Anyway, I’m back. I found my peace in piecing fabric patches together and I’ll show you how piecefully peaceful I am.

Just wait a little.

October 21, 2009

This blog is put on hold.

I was writing when I had free time. I have no time for here now. I am busy being happy.

I am getting married. Soon. To the most wonderful man in the world (no, don’t look at Sean Connery, please:).

If you behave I’ll post pictures. Of the happiest bride.

Now I am off to make my own decorations and preparations- I want my wedding to be fab. So it will be! 🙂

I wish my happiness to you – near and far, close and distant, accidently visiting…. Look to the one next to you and smile!!!!


Ta bean in Eirinn a phronnfadh sead damh is mo shaith le n-o
‘S ta beann in Erinn is sa binne leithe mo rafla ceoil no seinm thead
Ata bean in Eirinn is niorbh fhearr le beo
Mise ag leimnigh no leagtha ! gcre is mo tharr faoi fhod
Ta bean in Eirinn a bheadh ag ead, liom mur bhfaighinn ach pog
0 bihean ar aonach, nach ait an sceala, is mo dhaimh fein leo
Ta bean ab fhearr lom no cath is cead dhiobh nach bhfagham go de
Is ta cailin speiruil ag fear gan bhearla, dubghranna croin

Ta bean a dearfaidh da siulainn leithe go bhfaighinn an t-or
Is ta bean ‘na leine is is fearr a mein no na tainte bo
Le bean a bhuairfeadh baile an mhaoir agus clar thin eoghaln
Is ni fhaicim leigheas ar mo ghalar fein ach scaird a dh’ol

 Cheers ya’ol!

Baba Marta

March 1, 2008

MartenichkaHappy Granny Marta’s Day!

Bulgarian tradition celebrates the 1st of March as Granny Marta’s Day. On that day we believe the winter steps away and the new boosting spring life starts. Everyone gets a decoration, made of white and red thread – either as a bracelet around the left wrist or an ornament to pin on the lapel, mainly pom-poms or the small figurines of a boy and a girl in something like the traditional Bulgarian costumes.

The legend says that when one of the first Bulgarian khans (somewhere in the 8th-9th century) went to war, he sent home pieces of white and red threads with a swallow to tell his folks at home that he was victorious and alive and sound.

We believe the red and white represents health and new life and this is what we wish when we make (or buy) and present our “martenichka” to the people we love and cherish. We wear them until we see the first swallow or stork, or the first fruit tree in bloom. And then we either tie them to the twigg of the tree or put it under a stone.

The tradition comes from pagan times. For all those centuries it was kept alive. If you take a walk you can see hundreds of martenichkas everywhere. And here are the ones I got from my friends today:)